me_and_job.jpgThis is my good friend, Job.� Obviously, the picture was taken around Christmas. I have some more recent pictures, but I'm wearing my glasses in all of them and I don't like how I look in my glasses. Smile

Job is my workout partner. We like to do aerobic dance together in the evenings and then go to the night market to eat and shop. It was on one of those visits to the night market that Job introduced me to the best dessert of all time, "roti".� I think I've written about roti in my blog before, so I won't go into it now.

Job is a girly girl. She loves shopping for earrings and playing matchmaker for Daniel. (I'm so lucky to have escaped all the matchmaking efforts!)

Job is�the kind of student teachers dream of. She always seems happy to be at school, she does excellent work all the time, and when I assign homework she acts like she's excited to do it. Her English is excellent, and she's already tutoring a lot of students.�I know she's going to be a fabulous English teacher.

Job has helped me so much in Thailand. She's the one I call when I need help at the bank or I need�to buy something that isn't sold at�7/11. She's been helping me from the start. When I first arrived, I got lost every night on the way home from school. I would ride around the neighborhood, sometimes for hours. Job (along with Khim and Kib) showed me the best way to get home.�Another big thing Job did was write out�a list of foods�sold at the restaurants around my apartment. All of the menus at these restaurants are written in Thai. I can't read Thai, and I didn't know the names of many Thai foods when I first arrived. Back then,�I only knew how to order two dishes: fried rice and red curry with chicken. I ate a lot of fried rice and red curry chicken!� Job wrote out the menus in the roman alphabet and wrote descriptions of each dish. Now I can order all kinds of things!

I have so many fun memories of Job. I'll miss meeting her for aerobics and hanging out with her at school. But more than anything, I'll miss talking and laughing with her.

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