Pizza & Ice Cream

kib_and_khim.jpgThere are a lot of foods I've missed eating during my time in Thailand, but I haven't missed pizza or ice cream at all.� Actually, I've eaten much more pizza and ice cream in Thailand than I ever did at home.

Tonight I went to the Pizza Company and Swenson's with Kib &�Khim (pictured to the right), Lynne, Job, Daniel, &�Betsy.� The Thai girls ate some kind of seafood pizza.� We farangs�shared a more conventional (to us) Italian sausage pizza.

As if being stuffed with pizza weren't enough, we followed it up with a�trip to Swenson's for ice cream sundaes.��Sarantip likes to say that�after you eat too much, you need to go to�lebanon.� "Lebanon" is the Thai word for "lay down".� So I'm gonna go to lebanon now!

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