King Naresuan





Tonight I went to see King Naresuan, an epic Thai movie about a famous king from the 16th century.� It's actually a trilogy, and I saw the 2nd part of it tonight.� The first part was playing a few weeks ago.� It had English subtitles, so we assumed that the 2nd movie would have them as well.� It didn't.� You can imagine how disappointed I was�when the movie started and there were no subtitles!�To make matters worse, the movie was 3 hours long!

Actually, not understanding the dialogue was not as big a problem as you might expect.� There were a lot of battle scenes, so there wasn't much talking anyway.� The movie was all about war, so I really just needed to know who�attacking whom.� Fon sat next to me and filled me�in on details whenever necessary.� I enjoyed seeing the costumes and sets.� That was the best part for me.

I didn't see the first movie of the trilogy, so I did some research about King Naresuan before�going to the movie.�King Naresuan, the prince of Phisanoluk (which, together with Ayuttaya, made up the kingdom of Siam), was taken hostage by the king of Burma when he was 9�years old.��There, he lived as a monk and learned how to fight.��The king of Burma took pretty good care of him.� Naresuan left Burma as a teenager after his sister agreed to sleep with the king in exchange for his release.� He returned to Burma when the king died because he wanted to go to the king's funeral.�It's a good thing he did, because the Burmese king's son got really upset with kingdoms who didn't sent representatives to the funeral.� The movie I saw tonight opened with the Burmese army attacking a community because they didn't attend the king's funeral.� Naresuan seemed to be helping them.

Anyway, in the end, Naresuan became a really good king.� You can get some more information about him by going to the King Naresuan movie website (just click on the above picture to go there).

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