Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine's�Day and I'm celebrating by having pizza and ice cream with some students and Daniel.��I'll�wear a helmet when I ride�to the Pizza Company restaurant on Daniel's motorbike.��Unfortunately, that means I won't be getting any roses from police officers tonight.�

This�article was in today's Bangkok Post:

"Love is also in the air in Khon Kaen and Chiang Mai, where traffic police will today hand out roses instead of traffic tickets to unruly drivers.

In the campaign, entitled ''We Arrest You Out of Love'', motorists will receive warnings, roses and leaflets outlining 19 traffic offences and safe driving tips.

''We want to emphasise that strict controls over drunk driving, no-helmet driving and many other offences are acts of love and care,'' said Pol Maj-Gen Kawee Suphanand, deputy commander of Region 4 Police.

But children and teenagers will not receive this heart-warming treatment if they are spotted in entertainment venues and hotels at night in Khon Kaen, he said.

In the case of underage children, their parents will be asked to pick them up. Adults with them will face charges."

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