Night Market Tunes

I went to the night market last night with some students.� The night market mostly sells a bunch of really small clothes and dorm-room junk.� I usually don't buy anything there, but it's still fun to walk around.� They always play music�on the loudspeakers, so you can hear the latest Thai pop music while you shop.� (By the way, the loudspeakers also play the national anthem at 9 am and 6 pm every day.� Everyone stops what they're doing to stand and listen.� I'm gonna miss that!)

Anyway, you know that 70's disco song "Ring My Bell"?� Well, they played a remake of that last night.� I couldn't tell if the singer was singing in Thai or incomprehensible English, so I asked a student what the lyrics were.� Turns out the song was being sung in Thai.� The lyrics have been changed a bit in the Thai version.� Instead of "You can ring my bell" in the chorus, the Thai version has "underwear is falling from the sky"!

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