Thai Dancing Hurts My Hands

Remember that list I made of things I want to do before I leave Thailand?� Well, I've been working on the list a little.� I bought a kaen, an Isan instrument.� Kaens are pretty big, but they also come in smaller sizes.� I bought the foot-long one and later found out that it's just a model of the larger ones.� It does work.� It just doesn't play all of the notes. 😦

I also learned some Thai dancing.� It requires bending your hands backward in an unnatural way.� It hurts!� I tried, but I never got the right hand positions.� My students were teaching me, and they kept having to correct my hand position.� They would squeeze all of my fingers together (my pinky always wants to stick out!) and then they'd try to push my fingers backward.� Ouch!

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