My Popular Dad











My dad left several days ago, but I didn't get the chance to write much about his visit to Khon Kaen.� So here goes…

My dad was very popular here.� He met just about everyone, from my students to the women�who work at Coffee Mania.� People couldn't stop gushing about how young and handsome he is.� Several people even went so far as to say that they thought he was my brother or boyfriend instead of�my father!

Dad came to all of my classes and told the students about hot-air ballooning.��Everyone really enjoyed hearing about ballooning and looking at pictures of the balloon fiesta.� None of them have ever seen hot-air balloons (except for on tv).�They asked some good questions!� Some of my students also interviewed him on non-balloon stuff.� Most of their questions were about food (Do you like Thai food?� Can you eat spicy food? What's your favorite Thai dish?, etc.).� Luckily, Dad had already sampled many Thai dishes by that time and could talk about how great Thai food is.

At the end of the week, we had a chips & salsa party!� I asked dad to bring some salsa to Thailand and we bought some tortilla chips in Bangkok.� Thai people love spicy food, so I thought it would be fun for them to try some salsa.� We invited all of my students to come try chips & salsa and chat with my dad one last time before he left.� The response to the salsa was mixed.� Some students said the salsa was too spicy, but others said it wasn't spicy at all.� The tortilla chips were a big hit!� In fact, the chips went too fast and the party was over within about 20 minutes.� I was�secretly happy about it because there was a lot of leftover salsa.� Daniel & I have been putting it on our omelettes at lunch.� Students think it's funny to see us�with jars of salsa at the canteen.

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