Phoenix Ho!

For those of you who have been pulling for me to get off my rear end, finish my degree, and leave Flagstaff: it is done!

Those of you keeping up with this blog know that I *finally* finished my degree last month. What you might not know is that a couple weeks after that (with much i-n-p-u-t from numerous friends) I put a final version of my polished resume on the job boards (Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder). A couple weeks later, after a couple of other prospects, I was contacted by MDI, a recruiter in the Valley, hiring for Allied Waste. After the first interview (by phone) I felt really good, but didn't want to count my chickens. After the second interview, they all but told me that they were going to make an offer, following reference checks.

Well…they made an offer…pending background and drug checks. It took NAU a while to get back to the background checking folks (the DL HR rep actually had to go over there and stand over their shoulder as they called them back…many thanks Gina!!!). Finally yesterday I got a call verifying that I start on Monday! I haven't posted it here yet because I'm rather cautious by nature…don't like to count on something until it has finally happened…we'll it's happening. Tomorrow I move to Phoenix. For those of you who know him, I'll be staying with Sean until our marriage in July (many thanks Sean and Tammy!!!).

Anyway, my thanks to those of you who never gave up on me and my dream to get a degree and a real-world job! I hope to see you in Phoenix soon!

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