Dad on Campus

I think my Dad is enjoying the relaxing pace of Khon Kaen.� Bangkok can feel kind of busy�and stressful, so it feels good to be here after several days in the big city.� Dad�is staying�at�Kwanmor, the hotel I was supposed to live in all year.� I moved out because it was a depressing place to live and they wanted to charge me too much money.� Luckily for Dad, they've made some good improvements!� Dad's room is much nicer than my room was.� There are no bugs in it and there are some pretty flowers right outside his door.

I rented a bike for Dad to ride around campus.� I go almost everywhere on bike, so it made sense for him to have a bike while he's here.� Dad's bike is pretty small, but he's being a good sport about it.� Today we rode to a restaurant off campus for dinner.� After that we rode to the night market for some�banana roti (that's a really great crepe-type dessert).� We've been doing a lot of walking this week, so we�thought we deserved�to treat ourselves to something really fattening.

I'm having fun showing Dad around Khon Kaen!

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