Dad on the train to Ayuttaya

Dad and I just arrived in Khon Kaen this afternoon.� We had a busy weekend in Bangkok!�

Dad's first day in Bangkok wasn't too exciting.� I had an errand to run, so Dad came along with me to take care of that.� We went to the Jim Thompson House Museum, and then we went to a movie.� I don't get to see many movies, so it's a treat to watch English-soundtrack movies in Bangkok.� Unfortunately, we picked a weird, boring movie (Fur with Nicole Kidman and Robert Downy Jr).�

Dad's second day in Thailand was much more fun.� We got up early to catch a�train to Ayuttaya, the old capital of Thailand.� We took a 3rd class train, which meant that there was no air conditioning on the 2-hour trip. The weather was cool enough that it didn't really matter.� We got some interesting views of life in Bangkok from the train, so I really enjoyed�the ride.� It was well worth the 15 baht tickets! We met a really nice man on the train.� He gave us a lot of travel advice and then led us to a ferry boat that would take us into the old city of Ayuttaya.� He actually paid our way on the ferry boat and pointed out where we could buy a bus ticket back to Bangkok at the end of the day.

Ayuttaya has a lot of 13th-15th century ruins that we wanted to see.� The ruins were pretty spread out so we did a lot of walking.��We visited some beautiful old temples and a museum.� In the afternoon we�spotted some elephants�in a�park.��Finally,�we�hired a long-tail boat to take�us around the island of Ayuttaya. The boat ride was really great; we saw�many old ruins from the boat.� It also felt good to�sit and relax after walking all over the island all day!

Click here to see pictures of Ayuttaya.

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