The Agriculture Fair

The KKU Agriculture department is hosting an agriculture fair this week.� I went to the fair tonight with Umph and Jan, two of my 1st year students.� The fair was really neat!� We saw lots of beautiful flowers and some interesting animals, including cows with big humps on their backs.� We also wandered through the handicraft area before stopping for some dinner.� We bought our food and then walked all over the fair looking for a place to sit and eat.� We found a short little table on a mat (no chairs) and sat down.� As soon as we got situated at our little table, some students asked us to participate in a rice taste test!��We were asked to rate two kinds of rice on color, smell, size, stickiness, taste, and consistency.� I was really proud of myself for being able to tell the difference between the two types of rice.� I think I've become quite a rice connoisseur!� Jan, Umph, and I agreed that the 2nd cup of rice was much better in all of the categories.� After we submitted our surveys, we found out that the 1st cup of rice (the one we didn't like) was organic.� The one we liked was the "normal" kind of rice that most people use.� I was surprised that there was such a big difference between the two.

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