Flight Attendant Jobs

I have 6 English-language channels on my TV:� MTV, CNN, MNET Movies 1, MNET Movies 2, and 2 sports channels.� I don't like watching sports and MTV can get annoying, so�I watch a lot of movies and news.� Right now I'm watching a Gwyneth Paltrow movie on MNET Movies 1.� She's playing a woman who dreams of becoming a flight attendant.� She gives up almost everything to pursue her "destiny" of working for an international airline.��It reminds me of my students.� (Well, except for the giving up everything part)

Last semester, I asked my students to write paragraphs about their dream jobs.� Almost all of them wrote that they wanted to be flight attendants.� It's a really good job to have in Thailand.� If you speak at least 3 languages (one of them has to be English), you can apply to become a flight attendant on an international airline.� It's very competitive, but if you're lucky enough to land one of those jobs, you get an excellent salary and opportunities to travel all over the world.� On top of that, Betsy tells me that flight attendants used to be portrayed as "angels in the sky" on TV here.� I guess I can understand the appeal of being a flight attendant, but I would hate it.� I don't like how airplanes smell.

In case you're curious, only 2 students (out of 31)�wrote that their dream was to become an English teacher.

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