My Hectic Week

This has been a busy week, and not just because we had no holidays!� In addition to teaching all of my classes for the first time in�a month & a half,�I�went to a presentation on a new software program, selected�new software for�the TESOL computer lab, and taught�the new conversational English class.�Tomorrow is Friday and I only teach 1 afternoon class.� I was looking forward to sleeping in a little and having a fairly relaxed day tomorrow.�Then I was asked to accompany our 2nd year students on a field trip to a local bilingual school.� I agreed to go before I learned that the field trip starts at 8 am!� I know that's not very early for most people, but it's early when you go to bed after midnight every night!

Remember my list of things to do before I leave Thailand?� Well, about half of them were suggested by Job, one of my 2nd year students.� It was a good move to involve her in my to-do list!� She's been finding songs and lyrics for me to learn and she's going to go with me to Big C this weekend to buy my kaen (that's the musical instrument I want to learn).� She also knows I want to learn how to cook Thai food, so we're going to the night market tonight to watch people make pad thai.

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