Conversational English Class

Last June, the Department of Education decided that Daniel & I would teach a conversational English class for non-TESOL majors in the department.� They didn't get around to telling us about the class (they never bothered to ask if we wanted to teach it) until late August.� It was only 3 weeks before the end of the semester, and we didn't have time to throw a new class together, so we�said we'd teach it during the 2nd semester.

We didn't hear about the class again until last week.� We�actually thought the course had been cancelled, but it turns out that it was another case of bad (or too little) communication.� Last week they told us that we needed to teach 4 sections of the class and that each section needed 20 hours of class time.� We did the math and realized that we would be doubling our weekly teaching hours if we created a course that long, and told them that we could only teach each section for 10� hours.� The response was "Why don't you teach the 4 or 5 hours every Saturday and Sunday?"� We prompty refused and it was agreed that we would divide the students into 3 sections and each section would receive 10 hours of instruction over the next 5 weeks.

The department was eager to get the classes started, so we said we'd start them today.� Someone was supposed to contact all of the students and tell them to meet us in the classroom at 5 pm.� No one showed up.� We don't know why no one was there.� It's possible that no one told anyone about the classes, but it's also possible that the people enrolled in the course signed up to take the class back in June and are no longer interested.

Anyway..I was supposed to teach a class tonight, but I didn't.� I was kind of happy that it was cancelled because I was really tired today.� I flipped through my calendar and realized that this was my first time teaching all of my Monday classes since November 27th!� We've had holidays and special events that interfered with my Monday classes every week since then.

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