Happy 2550!

Sawadee Phimai ka!� Happy New Year!� It is now 2550 in Thailand and 2007 at home.� Mod and I drove back to Khon Kaen this morning, and I'm sad to be back.� I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in Loei.� Now I'm back in my cramped�studio apartment.� I think I'm the only one�in the apartment building�right now.� Everyone else who lives here is a student, and they've all gone home for the holiday.� Almost everything in Khon Kaen is closed today.� I'm hoping that means the bars will be closed tonight as well!

Being back in Khon Kaen means getting back to the realities of my life here.� I've got a lot of work to do!� I need to clean my apartment, get rid of some ants that have invaded my closet,�make some�reservations for my dad's trip here in a few weeks, and write an article for a TESOL newsletter.� It's already 4:30, so I'd better get started!

Click here to see my pictures of Loei.

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