New Year’s Eve

Today was another relaxing day in Loei.� We met up with Mod's brother and his wife for a drive into the mountains.� We stopped at Ajaan Nut's mother's house for coffee.� Nut and her family were there, so it was fun to chat with them for awhile.� I really enjoyed meeting Nut's mother.� She, like the rest of her family,�is a very impressive woman.� She was a university professor in Loei for many years.� (She taught English & education).� A couple of years ago, she designed a house and had it built.� The house is really beautiful; I'll post some pictures soon.� Now she lives in the house and grows plants and fruit.� She sells some of the plants to resorts.� She is a very kind woman.� When I left she told me she loved me and invited me to come back to stay with her.� She even invited my�parents to come during their visits to Thailand!

After visiting Nut's mom, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, all the restaurants were full!� Loei is a popular vacation spot; we saw many resorts on the mountains and all of them were full.� Some of them even had tents outside for people willing to camp!� We decided to put off lunch for awhile and head to a local winery, Chateau de Loei.� The winery wasn't too exciting.� We just drove through it and saw some vineyards.

We meant to go to the flower festival, but everyone was starving so we skipped it.� We were really happy when we finally found a restaurant that wasn't out of food.� We had Isan food.� I think Mod's brother & his wife haven't had much experience w/ farang.� They were shocked that I could eat sticky rice and som tam.� They kept telling me that I can travel all around Asia since I have no problem eating different foods.� I didn't tell them that I refuse to eat insects, organ meats, luk chien (a weird, white sausage) and palah. 🙂

After lunch, we came home to rest for awhile.� I went for a walk and found a beautiful botanical garden on campus.� Tonight we went to a party at Poom's (that's mod's sister) friends' house.� It was a nice party.� The food was good and the people were very friendly.� Unfortunately, most of them didn't speak English, so I was a little out of the loop most of the time.

In the middle of dinner, we heard the news that there have been some bombings in Bangkok.� One of the guests at the party is an officer in the army, and he got some text messages about where the bombings were.� I just got home and turned on the news.� There have been 7 bombings and 2 people have died.� That's all the information I have now.

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