Greetings from Loei

emily_and_poom.jpgMod & I arrived in Loei at about noon today.� The drive here was really beautiful.� Lots of big mountains and flowers.� It's nice to get a change of scenery!

We had a very nice day.� We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Mekong river.� Then we went for a walk along the riverside.� There were some little shops near the river selling clothes & Thai handicrafts.� I bought a skirt there.� I was so happy that it fit!� It's the first skirt I've bought in Thailand that doesn't have an elastic waistband.

Mod's sister is very nice.� We're staying at her house, which is on a university campus.� It feels very peaceful here.� The weather is nice and there are some windchimes outside.� I'm really happy I came to Loei.

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