Internet Issues/New Year’s Plans

The Taiwan earthquake has affected the internet here in Thailand.� This is the first time I've been able to pull up the castillomania website.� CNN says things will be back to normal in 2-3 weeks.

We're on New Year's break right now.� There were no classes today (Friday), and classes are cancelled on Monday & Tuesday as well.� Almost everyone has left Khon Kaen.� New Year's is an important family holiday.

I'm going to Loei province with Mod tomorrow.� I hear that Loei is really beautiful.� There are many mountains there, and it is the coldest place in Thailand.� Sometimes the temperature can get all the way down to 0 Celcius!�

Last week it was cold in Khon Kaen.� I thought about buying a jacket, but decided not to because I knew it would get hot again.� I was right.� It's hot again in Khon Kaen.� I might as well have bought one last week, though, because I'll need one in Loei.� I bought one today.� I had to buy a men's jacket because the XXL women's jackets�were too small!

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