Christmas Eve

When I first came to Thailand, I expected to feel lonely and depressed on holidays and other special days.The first special day that came around was my birthday in August.When my students learned it was my birthday, they made the day really special for me.I ended up having one of the best birthdays of my life.Since then, I�ve learned not to worry about the holidays so much.Thai people really know how to celebrate, and they�re happy to observe non-Thai holidays (especially if they�re fun holidays!).

Today is Christmas Eve, and it�s been a pretty full day.Daniel & I were invited to have lunch with Ajan (professor) Nut at her house.We met her at the Education department.All of our students were there working on decorations for the big party they�re putting on tomorrow.

Lunch with Ajan Nut was really nice.She has 3 daughters and 1 son.All of them are really impressive kids!They attend a bilingual (English-Thai) school, and two of the girls have studied abroad in Australia.Their English is really good.They all play musical instruments and draw as well.I enjoyed talking with them.

After lunch, I came home to wrap up some presents for my students.Daniel & I actually bought little presents for every one of the TESOL students.Shopping was kind of a pain, but it will be fun to give out the presents tomorrow.�� Mom, I put that Christmas wrapping paper you sent to good use!

Tomorrow I�ll go to work, but I won�t have to work very hard.My students are putting on a big Christmas party, so I�ll go to that.I�ll teach a listening & speaking class after the party (we�re gonna listen to Christmas songs!).Then I�ll go to another Christmas party at Betsy�s house.I think it will turn out to be a really nice Christmas!


Click here�to see pictures of my day.

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