TESOL Student Uprising!

My first year students are sweet, good-natured kids who always have big smiles on their faces and never cause any trouble.So I was surprised today when they told me they managed to scare off one of their teachers in the Humanities & Social Sciences Department.

The TESOL students take English classes at the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences in addition to the classes they take with me & Daniel.This semester the first year TESOL students didn�t like their English teacher in the Humanities department.According to my students, they were bored in class and didn�t feel like answering the teacher�s questions.He kept asking questions and they remained silent.Eventually he threw his book on the table and stormed out, saying �I can�t stand TESOL students!�(This is only one side of the story; I suspect they did something else to provoke his response).The Humanities department assigned a new teacher to finish out the semester.They like the new teacher, so they�ll probably be well behaved for the rest of the semester.

The TESOL students have a reputation in the Education department for being rude and rebellious. Some of them occasionally come to class in jeans instead of their uniforms, and they�ve been known to talk back to teachers.I don�t care about the uniforms, but I don�t like it that they�re rude to their other teachers.

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