The Thais are Freezing!

The weather has FINALLY been cooling off!� I'm not going to jinx my good fortune by declaring that we've entered the winter season, though.� The last time I did that the weather changed and we had a month of�temperatures in the mid nineties.� So I'm not saying it's winter, but we've had a few days of cooler weather.� During the day the temperatures have been in the 80s, and in the evenings it gets down to 75!� It has been very nice!� I've been enjoying the weather by sitting on the deck at Peace Time (one of my favorite restaurants) and sipping coffee while reading�a book.

I feel very comfortable, temperature-wise, but many of my students do not.� At the graduation party, many of them were bundled up in big jackets and they were shivering.� One of them asked "Does it get this cold in Flagstaff?"� I started laughing before I realized she wasn't joking!� I shouldn't have assumed that all of my students have seen the pictures of snow-covered buildings�at the NAU website.� I told her that the weather now is about the same as the summers in Flagstaff.� She looked horrified.

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