More about Graduation

As promised, here is some more interesting information about graduation day in Thailand:

The king of Thailand used to hand out all of the university diplomas awarded in Thailand. People here love the king so much. During the king�s 60th anniversary celebration, thousands of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the king. I saw the celebration on TV. It was amazing! People were crying and shouting. Seeing the king was obviously a very emotional experience for many people. So I imagine that receiving your diploma from the king would be a VERY big deal!

The king stopped handing out the diplomas when he got older. Now the prince and princesses hand out the diplomas. This is still a big deal. One of the princesses will be coming to KKU on Monday. KKU students are planning to line up along the roads on campus. When the princess� car drives by, the boys will bow and the girls will curtsy.

So…graduation day seems pretty exciting. I�m not going to attend the ceremony because I don�t think I can handle being around that many people. Also, the ceremony will be in Thai, and you know how long graduation ceremonies can be!

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