Graduation Party

I first learned about graduation day when I tried to schedule a test on Monday, Dec. 18th with my first year students.I thought they were lying to me when they told me all classes were cancelled for graduation on that day!They weren�t lying.


Graduation Day is on Monday, but the school is already a flurry of activity.There were dozens of little stalls outside the complex (where I buy coffee) selling flowers and stuffed animals.At the education building, I saw decorations and graduates rehearsing for their ceremony.The graduates aren�t current students; they finished their classes last March.They had to wait 9 months for a graduation ceremony!

Graduation here is a very big deal.Usually, graduates� extended families (I mean everyone they�re related to!) attend the ceremony, so the university is going to be packed!The festivities started today with parties in each department.


I first learned about the Education dept. party at about 2:30, when Daniel told me we should leave the office early in order to avoid being forced to attend.He went last year, and said it was the most boring event he�s ever attended in Thailand.The one last year started 2 hours late and didn�t end until midnight.I wanted to avoid the party, but I lost track of time and Sarantip persuaded me to go.

Luckily, the party wasn�t the most boring event I�ve ever attended in Thailand!It was actually kinda fun.It was just a really long, drawn out dinner (8 courses!).I sat with some students and we chatted, listened to the music, and watched the dancers.And it only started 1 hour late!

I want to write about the graduation ceremony too, but this is getting a little long.I�ll write more about it later!

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