Quick Trip to Bangkok

Fon, one of my 3rd year students, just came home from a week-long trip to Hong Kong. Golf, Rut, Daniel & I decided to meet up with Fon in Bangkok.

We took the 12:45 am bus from Khon Kaen to Bangkok on Saturday night. This was actually my first experience on a night bus. We took a big double-decker bus that had recliner seats with back massagers in them. The massagers were fun! I really wanted to play with mine, but it was kinda loud and I didn't want to disrupt everyone who was trying to sleep. (And I needed to sleep too, of course!). Riding a bus in Thailand feels more like taking an airplane than it feels like taking a greyhound bus. There is a hostess on board who dresses in a flight attendant uniform. The hostess gives out drinks and snacks. Also, you get a blanket in your seat. You definately need the blanket; the bus is really cold!

Our bus arrived in Bangkok at about 7 am. We met Fon at the bus station, and then headed to China town to do some Christmas shopping. We were mostly looking for little knick knacks to give to people at the faculty for Christmas. We went to a big outdoor marketplace that had narrow "aisles" between vendors. It was very crowded. At times, we had to take baby steps and push hard just to get through the crowd. It was stressful and uncomfortable to me to be around that many people in such a small place!

After shopping, we went to a shopping mall for some lunch and some more shopping. We went to a food court, where I found some Indian food (yum!).

We went to the movies in the afternoon to see Happy Feet (in English!). It was the first movie I'd seen in Thailand. The only different thing about the movies in Thailand is that everyone stands for a photo slideshow of the king before the movie starts.

We got some dinner after the movie and then caught the 8:15 pm bus back to Khon Kaen. We arrived in Khon Kaen at about 3:30 am. We were exhausted!

I'm still getting over my cold, so I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to take this trip or not. I'm glad I went. I had a good time shopping, and it was really nice to see a movie.

Click here to see pictures of us looking sleepy in the shopping mall.

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