Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Today is December 9th, but it feels more like July 9th to me. That’s starting to change though! Yesterday I heard some Christmas songs in the grocery store at Fairy Plaza and I saw 2 Christmas trees on the way home. It was nice to see some Christmas stuff out.

Tonight I’m going to a cookie swap party held by one of the ladies at church. I’m not participating in the cookie swap because even though I would enjoy having 12 dozen cookies here in my apartment, I’m not sure I really NEED to eat 12 dozen Christmas cookies.

Betsy says you can see a lot of Christmas decorations and lights in Bangkok, which is lucky for me since I’m going there tonight! After the Christmas party, I’m taking the midnight bus to Bangkok with Daniel and Golf. We’re going to meet up with Fon in Bangkok (she’s returning from a week-long trip to Hong Kong) to do some shopping, catch a movie, and eat at a really good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. After that, we’ll take the midnight bus from Bangkok back to Khon Kaen. We’ll arrive in Khon Kaen at about 6 am. We’ll be exhausted after this trip, but Monday is a holiday so it doesn’t matter too much.

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