My Haunted Classroom

Most, if not all, of my students believe in ghosts and are afraid of them. When I first moved here, many students asked me if I was afraid of the ghosts in my apartment. Many of them can’t stand to be alone at night, and they avoid places that are rumored to have many ghosts. Most dorms have a few ghosts. People say that hospitals have lots of ghosts, so some students will avoid going to the hospital when they’re sick.

There is rumored to be a ghost living on the 5th floor of the Education building. (All of my classes meet there, by the way). My students are still coming to class, but I can tell they’re freaked out about it. Sometimes I don’t close the door all the way and it gets blown open a little bit in the middle of class. Whenever the students hear the door creak, they stop whatever they’re doing and look at the door. Then they exchange some uneasy looks while I go shut the door.

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