Cheating at KKU

It’s amazing how much KKU students cheat on their homework and tests. Strong students are expected to do assignments for weaker students. One of my students complained about this once. He didn’t want to do homework for his classmates, but his parents told him that he needed to. They reminded him that they helped him with his homework when he was a kid. They told him that if he didn’t do his classmates’ homework for them, he was disrespecting the help they (his parents) had given him. For tests, students store information in their electronic dictionaries or pass answers to each other through text messages on their cell phones.

This week, my first year students have a test in an English class they are taking through the Humanities department. They are being tested on a graded reader they were supposed to read. Well, today I noticed that all of my 1st year students were carrying around big packets of papers written in Thai. It turns out that a student in the Humanities department translated the graded reader into Thai and sold the translations for 12 baht each. One of the TESOL students bought a copy and copied the copy for everyone else. So now everyone is reading the Thai translation instead of the English version of the book.

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