The Silk Festival

Before I came to Thailand, I spent a lot of time browsing through travel books in the bookstore. I looked up Khon Kaen in every guidebook. Most guidebooks didn’t have any information on the city at all. The Lonely Planet guide has about 2 pages. Khon Kaen sure doesn’t sound exciting in the Lonely Planet guide. The dining section includes the food court at Big C, a walmart-type store. The only interesting-looking thing about Khon Kaen in the guidebook is the Silk Festival.

I went to the silk festival today with some of the 3rd year girls. We looked through a lot of stalls selling clothing, shoes, handicrafts, food and, of course, silk. It was like a night market, only during the day. The silk festival is open at night too. They hold concerts every evening.

We sampled some chlorophyll water at the festival. Chlorphyll water is green and tastes kind of like tea. I had the opportunity to sample fried insects, but I refused. I can’t stand the smell of fried insects. I don’t want to eat them. So I’m not going to!

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