Drinking Blood

At home, my favorite Thai dish was green curry with chicken. I never eat it here. The reason is that, in Thailand, green curry is served with cubes of chicken blood in it. It looks a little like a dark red jello. It’s so unappetizing to me that I never order green curry. The idea of eating blood like that…ick!

Today I found out that I’ve been drinking uncooked blood for months. I didn’t know it, but the noodle shop in the faculty canteen adds blood to their soup. The blood isn’t cooked with the soup. They pour the blood in right before they serve it to you. I asked several students what kind of blood it is and no one would give me an answer. They did teach me how to order noodle soup without blood, so that’s what I’ll do from now on.

It’s kinda gross to think that I’ve been drinking blood like that. It seems unhealthy. Anyway, I imagine that I’m eating all kinds of gross things without realizing it. I try not to think about it.

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