A Trip to the Pharmacy

I do most of my shopping at 7/11. There are several 7/11s that are between my apartment and the school, so it’s very convenient. Unfortunately, they don’t carry medications. For those, I have to go to a pharmacy.

I’m sick again. I went home early after my classes this morning, and I’ve been holed up in my apartment all day. Tonight I decided to venture out to buy some cough syrup at the pharmacy. It was a frustrating experience. I was sick two months ago when Dave was here. We went to a pharmacy, and the woman at the counter asked me to talk with someone on the phone. The person on the phone was the pharmacist. I told her my symptoms, and she told the woman at the counter to give me something called an Antitussive. It was supposed to help with my cough, but it did nothing. Today I walked into the same pharmacy and started looking at the cough syrups. I found some Dimetapp that sounded perfect for my symptoms. The woman working there pulled me away from the Dimetapp, however, because it was “only for children”. It didn’t say it was for children on the package, but I let her lead me away from it anyway. She took me to a shelf full of syrups that had no English labels on them. Then she had me talk to the pharmacist on the phone again. I described my symptoms, and she suggested the same Antitussive stuff. I told the woman that I wanted a syrup with a decongestant too, so she brought me a box of allergy medication. Finally, I went back to the Dimetapp and pointed out that it had instructions for adults. It took a lot of convincing, but I was finally able to leave with the Dimetapp.

These experiences make me miss places like Walgreens and Target. I like to go into a store and look through the full aisle of cough syrups to find the one that’s just right for me. I like being able to choose between drowsy and non-drowsy formulas. And I like being able to choose the flavor I want.

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