Creepy Postal Worker

Normally my visits to the post office are very quiet. I stand in line and then put my package or letters on the counter. The postal worker puts everything on the scale and punches the amount of money I owe into a calculator because he thinks I won’t understand him if he tells me how much I owe. I hand over the money, and the postal worker gives me some stamps. I put the stamps on my mail, hand it all back to the postal worker, and I’m on my way!

Today was different because the postal worker spoke English. The first thing he said to me was “I love me.” I must have looked confused, because he said something in Thai to another guy behind the counter, and then corrected himself. He meant to say “I love you”. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I said something like “oh..thanks”. He asked a million questions about where I wanted to send my packages and how I wanted to send them, which made me wonder how my packages are usually sent. At the end of the transaction, he didn’t give me any stamps. He told me that he would put the stamps on for me, and that they would be “special stamps”, just for me. So Dad & Kathy, you’ve got a package with some really special stamps on it headed your way!

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