The Palmy Skirt

I have a big purple skirt that I made for my trip to Africa in 2005. It goes all the way to my ankles, and it is made of that crinkly material. It has a ton of fabric, so I always have to tie it in a knot before I ride my bike to work. I know I look really funny when I do that, and sometimes the people who work at my apartment laugh when they see me with the skirt tied in a knot at my knees. Anyway, my students love the skirt. I get compliments every time I wear it. Everyone always act like they’ve never seen it before, even though I wear it regularly. They tell me that it looks like something Palmy would wear. Palmy is a popular Thai singer who wears a lot of long, flowing skirts. Her music is pretty fun. She’s probably my favorite Thai singer. You can see pictures of her and listen to some of her songs here.

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