The McRice Burger

My brother-in-law Mike once told me about seeing the “McRamadan” on a McDonald’s menu in Turkey. It was the first I’d heard of fast-food restaurants customizing their menus for different countries. The first time I went to a McDonalds in Thailand I was hoping to see something like the McRamadan, and I was disappointed. Sure, they had a teriyaki pork burger on the menu and some chicken legs, but there was nothing with a cool name that was distinctly Thai. Well, that is no longer the case! I went to McDonald’s tonight and they have a new item on the menu. It’s the “McRice Burger”. It looks really disgusting. It’s just like a hamburger except that there is no bun. Instead, it has rice patties. I don’t mean those dry rice cakes people eat when they’re on a diet. It’s steamed rice formed into patties.

I don’t know if the McRice Burger will be popular or not. I suspect that many people here will like it. A lot of my students tell me that they don’t like bread. And Thai people seem to think that we eat bread the same way that they eat rice. When students talk about the challenges they expect to face in their year at NAU, they always say that it will be hard to eat bread with every meal instead of rice.

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