Well, I just finished my first week back in class. It was frustrating at times, especially on Thursday when I had to shout to my students all day in order to be heard over the power tools in the room next door. But it was mostly great. I enjoyed being back in school. It was fun to teach again and talk to all of the students. I love my job!

Since all the students are back, I also heard these interesting rumors:

1) The new Thai military government is re-examining all of the old programs and laws. One of the laws being evaluated is the legal drinking age. The government is expected to raise the legal drinking age to 25. This has some exciting implications for the bars across the street from my apartment. Well…it’s exciting to me, but not to the bar owners or the students, or really anyone else.

2) On a less positive note, the government may be getting rid of some programs initiated by the Taksin administration. These programs might include student scholarships and funding for the university.

3) A movie is being filmed at KKU! People say that they’re filming in the complex (it’s kind of like a student union), but I haven’t seen anything yet. Apparantly, you can earn 300 baht (about $7.50) for being an extra in the movie. The title is “The One”. Despite the title, the movie won’t be in English.

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