First Day of Class

Today was the first day of the winter semester. It’s been an interesting day.

Last semester, all TESOL classes were moved from a 1st floor classroom with a computer lab to 3 rooms on the fifth floor. One of the rooms is a computer lab; the other two are classrooms. At the end of last semester, there were no computers in our computer lab and neither classroom was completely ready for use. The air conditioner was broken in one room, so we couldn’t use it at all. The other room would have been ok, except that the dry-erase board on the wall could not be erased. We also had the little problem of having no keys for any of the three classrooms.

At the end of last semester, I locked everyone out of the TESOL classrooms. I had borrowed a KKU laptop and was instructed to leave the laptop in the classroom and lock the door when I left. The IT guy who told me to lock the door insisted that he had a key to the room and that he would let me back into the room for my afternoon class. It turned out that there was no key to the room. Someone had to remove a window pane and crawl through a window above the door to get into the classoom and unlock it from the inside.

Last Friday I went to look at our classrooms and found that they were all locked. I spent a couple of hours looking for someone with a key. Finally, an IT guy told me to call him at 8:30 on the first day of school so that he could come unlock my classroom door for me. I wasn’t sure I could rely on him because he’s the same one that disappeared last semester after promising to let me back into my classroom. Luckily, he was here this morning and he unlocked one of the classroom doors for me.

Unfortunately, we still have a few problems. There is no key to the room with the unusable white board. I had to use the room with the once-faulty air conditioner (it has been repaired now). Someone’s been using the room as storage space, and there’s a bunch of furniture in the room blocking most of the seating. The result is that the students have to sit in one long, straight line. The room is so dusty that it hurts my eyes to be in there. We finally have computers in our lab, but they don’t work yet.

There were also a lot of missing students this morning. Only half of the 3rd year students came to my 9:00 class. 4 of the 10 students in my 11:00 class were missing.

The other strange thing about today was that the water was turned off in the building. It seems like a strange day to turn off the water.

Even though it was a bit of an off day, it was still nice to see the students again. I’m glad school has started again.

One thought on “First Day of Class

  1. Em,

    What a crazy day! Sorry you had to teach like that! The image of your students lined up in a straight line is pretty funny though!


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