Emily the Ant Murderer

Last week I sprinkled some poisoned ant food in my bathroom in an attempt to kill off the ant population living in my wall. Well, it worked!! My apartment has been ant-free for an entire week. Sorta. I’ve seen a couple of ants, but not in the bathroom.

I have more poisoned ant food that I can use if more ants try to come through another wall, but I don’t think I’ll use it. It was disturbing to have poisoned powder lying around in my bathroom for two days. It didn’t seem healthy (for me) at all. The powder also attracted ants, so there were many more ants in my bathroom during those two days than usual. I also feel a little guilty about killing insects just because they annoy me.

Thailand must be wearing off on me. I won’t be telling any of my Thai friends about the poisoned ant food. It would upset them too much if they knew about it. One of the TESOL students once cried when Daniel told her that he killed a spider in his apartment. I haven’t cried for the dead ants or anything, but I am starting to question whether every ant I see in my apartment needs to die. The next time I see them, I might just try sweeping them into the hallway instead of squirting them with deet.

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