The Latest in My War Against Ants

For the last 5 months, I’ve been sharing my apartment with ants. They’ve been really annoying! It’s annoying to have bugs in your home for obvious reasons, but the ants are really bad because they keep trying to get to my computer! I know that sounds impossible, but these are some weird ants. They’re always crawling around on the electrical outlets too. Anyway, I’ve heard stories of laptops breaking because the ants got in and destroyed them.

So I’ve been working hard at getting rid of the ants. First I thought I would be super clean. That didn’t work. I asked some students for advice, and they told me to sprinkle scented powder near the door. That worked! The ants stopped coming through the door. Then they started digging holes through the walls. My next idea was to spray deet into the holes and along the walls. It was a good solution except that it made my apartment smell bad and it only lasted a few days. They always dug new holes and came right back.

Today I’m trying a new solution. I found some poisonous ant food at the store. All you do is sprinkle it in a place where you see ants. The ants are attracted to it because it smells sweet. They take it back to their nest, and it kills them all!! I sprinkled some in my bathroom this evening, and there are a ton of ants in there carrying it back to the nest. I know the stuff is poisonous because there are a few dead ants lying in the powder. I really hope this works. I’m getting tired of the deet smell in my apartment.

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