The Gross Faculty Bathroom

The bathroom situation in the education building is pretty sad. When I first arrived in May, I didn’t realize that I got to use a special bathroom because I’m a teacher. I was using the student bathroom for several weeks before I discovered the staff restroom. The student bathroom is thoroughly disgusting. It has three squatty potties in it. There is no toilet paper; you have to either bring toilet paper to the restroom with you or use the spray hose next to the toilet to clean yourself. The floor (and the squatty toilets, for that matter) are always soaking wet because of the spray hose. There is also no soap in the bathroom. You can rinse off your hands in the sink, but you will not be able to dry them because there are no towels (paper or otherwise).

The staff restroom is wonderful compared to the student bathroom! It has western toilets and it often has toilet paper! The strange thing is that the toilet paper is not inside the bathroom stalls, but out where the paper towel holder should be. I don’t know why. It almost seems like you’re supposed to use the toilet paper to dry your hands, but toilet paper isn’t very good for that. So I don’t understand. Anyway, we usually have toilet paper, but not always. When the big toilet paper roll by the sink runs out, it may be weeks before anyone replaces it. That’s also the issue with soap. There is a soap dispenser in the bathroom. It was filled for awhile, but then it ran out about 2 months ago. No one has added any soap to it. I was getting annoyed at the lack of soap in the bathroom, so I brought a bar of soap to work today and left it in the bathroom. I’m a little worried that it’s gonna disappear when the cleaning people come through and do their thing.

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