Winter Semester Holidays

I’m on a break between semesters right now. My next semester is starting on October 24th. That doesn’t mean I’m not working, however. I go into the office every day to do some planning for next semester. One of my tasks today was to make a calendar of winter semester holidays and figure out how they’ll affect my classes. There sure are a lot of holidays! There’s nearly one for every week, and I hear that the school cancels class periodically during this semester for various special events, like when the princess comes to town. So I’m expecting to lose even more teaching periods throughout the semester.

There are a few interesting sounding holidays. For instance, we have University Day. We’ll celebrate the fact that Thailand has universities by not going to them that day. There’s also Constitution Day, which sounds fishy to me since Thailand now has no constitution. My favorite, however, is “Unofficial New Year’s Holiday” which is on the school calendar right next to “Official New Year’s Holiday”.

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