My New Favorite Drink

While Dave was here, he was looking everywhere for Thai iced tea. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. It’s that orange tea that’s served in Thai restaurants. It’s called chai yen (cold tea) here. I didn’t know where to buy one, mostly because I didn’t think I liked them. Dave never did find a place that served the tea. I found one the day after he left! I went to a coffee/tea shop with Mod to buy some tea I could make at home. The store also has a little cafe area and we decided to get something. I was going to order my usual iced coffee, but the owner told me that the chai yen was really good and I needed to try it. So I got one, and it was great! That was Saturday. Since then, I’m seeing that many places serve chai yen. I just didn’t realize that before. I bought one yesterday at the complex, and I’m already planning to get another one today when I go to the bank!

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