Suvarnabhumi Airport

Dave and I were very lucky to fly into the new airport on September 30th, just two days after its grand opening. A Thai friend told us to take pictures of the airport, so we did. The airport is pretty nice! There is a really nice garden and some Thai artwork. There are a couple of gold-colored boats in the garden area, and there are supposed to be some Hanuman sculptures somewhere. We didn’t see those, unfortunately.

I knew about the new airport, but I didn’t expect it to be such a tourist attraction! Dave and I flew into Bangkok in the morning, left the airport, and then came back in the late afternoon. As we were driving back to the airport, we saw many Thai people along the road taking pictures. We also saw advertisements for tours of the airport! The new airport is a really big deal!

As for functionality, the airport is just ok. I was really disappointed that they didn’t put any paper towels in the bathrooms. They have the paper towel holders, but no paper towels. Thai restrooms don’t ever seem to have paper towels. They often have a big roll of toilet paper out where the paper towel holder should be. I don’t know who ever thought that was a good idea. Toilet paper is definately not a good substitute for paper towels. The airport also doesn’t have any vendors inside the gates. They don’t really have any outside the gates either, though. The only place we could find to sit down and get a drink was a ridiculously overpriced area near the observation deck. Finally, my last complaint is that the airplanes don’t come right up to the gate. You have to take a bus between the gate and the airplane.Š

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