Phuket Highlights and Lowlights

Well, we’re coming to the end of our fabulous vacation. Dave and I will leave Phuket tonight and Dave will fly back to Arizona tomorrow morning. These last two weeks have been wonderful! It has been so much fun to go travelling around Thailand with Dave.

Phuket is a beautiful place. I’m really glad we came here! It has rained a little every day, but that’s been nice! It only rains for 5-10 minutes at a time. The skies are cloudy, so the weather has been (mostly) nice and cool. Yesterday was really sunny so we spent some time at the beach. We went wild and swam in the ocean even though there were red flags on the beach indicating that it wasn’t safe! (we didn’t go very far out, of course)

Here’s a list of the highlights of our Phuket trip:

  • Long walks on the beach every evening
  • Playing around in the ocean
  • Fantasea, an “amusement park” that is mostly a show and a bunch of handicraft shops. The elephant show and dancing was fun! Personally, I think the best part was the guy juggling wine bottles. He had a really geeky dance that involved kicking his legs to the techno music that accompanied him. Every time he finished something successfully he gave the audience a big smile and nodded his head in a funny way.
  • Banana fritters
  • LOTS of western food (though we ate some Thai food too)
  • a really long bus ride to Phuket town
  • Shopping in little shops around our hotel
  • Coconut ice cream with sticky rice and corn!! That’s right! Dave finally tried the awesome homemade ice cream. He’s hooked on it now!

And here’s a list of low points of our Phuket trip:

  • The market in Phuket town. The guidebook made it sound interesting, but it definately wasn’t. They have a big market downtown that we wanted to visit. It smelled horrible and they didn’t have any good stuff.
  • The movie theater in Phuket town. It’s true that they play English-language movies there, but the only one playing this week is World Trade Center. Who wants to see that while you’re on vacation (or anytime)?
  • Tuk tuk drivers. Tuk tuks are really expensive here. Ridiculously expensive. I think it’s because they have these new shiny-red vehicles that aren’t anything like the tuk tuks of Bangkok or Khon Kaen.
  • Tailors. There are so many tailors here. They stand outside of their shops and bug everyone who walks past them. We got annoyed with them after awhile
  • Mosquitos. Neither of us had any bites when we arrived in Phuket. Now our legs are covered with bites!
  • Gross rice. We went to two Thai restaurants that served us some bad rice. I found dead ants and mosquitos in my rice at lunch today. Yuck! 😦
  • Dave wants me to add sunburns to the list. He got really burned yesterday when we were swimming in the ocean and he’s uncomfortable now. I didn’t really get burned because I used a lot of sunscreen.

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