Khon Kaen

Dave and I spent our last 3-4 days in Khon Kaen. I had to work, so Dave came to the office with me every day. After work we rode around on a rented motorbike, watched tv, and went to all of the restaurants I like. Dave got to meet many of my students and most of my coworkers. It was a lot of fun to show Dave around.

Dave said yesterday that he liked Khon Kaen better than Bangkok. I have a renewed appreciation for Khon Kaen as well. The people here are great. In Bangkok we had to be suspicious of anyone who was being too friendly. Here, everyone is friendly and they aren’t trying to scam us! The pace of life here is pretty relaxing too.

We’re leaving for Phuket today. I’m excited about Phuket, but I’m getting sick.

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