American Cuisine

A guest entry from Dave

I know, I know…I’m in Thailand, what am I doing writing about american food???

Well…for the longest time Emily has said that her greatest craving is for Mexican food. So, on Sunday, we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe because we heard they had good nachos. After wandering Siam Square a bit to find the place (it was tucked back a little ways) we finally found it.

Sitting down, the restaurant was a breath of fresh air. The environment was familiar, rock music was playing, and the menu was unthreatening. We finally settled on a plate of nachos and shared a bacon cheeseburger. The food arrived and it all looked soooo good. The tortilla chips were mildly overcooked…just the way that Emily and I like them. The cheese was crispy and oozed goodness…the oil from the cheese forming a pool on the plate, upon which the nachos rested. The bacon cheeseburger had wheat bread, grilled with butter on the burger-facing side. The bacon was just right (a rarity here in Thailand) and the meat was almost like what you would find in the US.

If you look at my pictures of Thailand, you’ll notice a day missing from the narrative. That day happened to coincide with our trip to Hard Rock Cafe. After only 3 days in Thailand (for me), all of that grease and fat and junk hit us like a Mack truck. We weren’t exactly sick…neither of us felt nauseous or made frantic runs to the bathroom; but following our meal, all we could do was grab a taxi, go back to our hotel room, turn on a movie, and flop on the bed to recover. I can’t speak for Emily on this, but I could feel the coating of grease as it made its way through my digestive tract (gross, I know!). It wasn’t until that evening that we were able to rouse ourselves and wander down to the lobby of the hotel change the view just a little bit.

It was that day that we decided that we want to take cooking classes and cook for ourselves in America. The very next day we bought a Thai cooking book so that I can study and practice for when Emily comes back.

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