Sounds of Buddhism

A guest entry from Dave:

So, I have to say that Wat Pho has definately been my favorite destination thus far. Wat Phra Kaew was beautiful and spectacular but it had a feeling of a major tourist destination. In contrast, Wat Pho felt much more authentic and serene. The experience started with the reclining Buddha. You kind of walk around it in a U shape, starting with the head facing you and walking around the feet and exiting by the back of the head. As we walked in, there was a strange ticking noise and I thought it might be the Buddha expanding with the increasing heat of the day, but as we walked around the feet I found out what the noise was. There’s a series of many jars along the wall and people will walk along, dropping a single 0.5 baht coin in each jar. I haven’t verified this with anybody, but I assume that it is a Buddhist actvity to make merit. From there we just wandered around. What Pho is an active temple and, I’m told, massage school. We chose to pass up on a massage, but it was interesting because some of the statues we thought were dirty were simply illustrating massage techniques.

My favorite thing alltogether had to have been the chanting. We walked through a small courtyard and found a temple with a golden Buddha in it. Outside a group of nuns were chanting. I have no idea what they were saying or what purpose it served, but it was easy to be entranced and charmed by the peace and authenticity of the moment. I didn’t get any pictures of the nuns because I didn’t want to interfere with what they were doing, but I’ve attached a short video of it. It’s kind of big because I don’t have any way to compress the video here, but I think it’s worth it…

Wat Pho Video

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