Wow. What a weird day! I was watching CNN last night when they aired the report that there were tanks moving in Bangkok. I watched the news for several hours and chatted online with Dave & one of my students about the events. The state channels all had blue screens with Thai writing on them. My student told me that the writing said that Bangkok and the surrounding areas had been captured. I went to bed when all of the breaking news alerts started sounding the same. I turned CNN on again when I woke up. That’s when I learned that it was a military coup and that today had been declared a holiday. The CNN anchor said he didn’t know how anyone in Thailand knew what was going on because all of the tv stations, including CNN, had been blocked. 🙂

Everything appeared to be normal outside and I had a lot of papers to grade at school, so I went to my office. It was very quiet around the university. Most people stayed home, but I did see a few people there working. People don’t seem worried about the coup at all. Only one person told me that she’s unhappy about it, and that’s just because she wanted to go to school. (She’s one of those people who love school)

Dave is on a plane headed towards Thailand right now. I’m going to fly to Bangkok tomorrow as planned. We were planning to spend 5 days sightseeing in Bangkok, but we may need to cancel those plans. We’re going to reevaluate everything tomorrow in Bangkok. Many people have told me not to worry about David’s trip. They say everything will be normal tomorrow. I don’t believe them, but it’s nice to hear people say it anyway.

I had plans to go to the bank yesterday to transfer money into my U.S. bank account. The student who was going to translate for me at the bank rescheduled for today. Of course, the banks were closed today and the Thai baht has lost a lot of value. I REALLY wish I had taken care of that sooner!

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