Stressful Day at Work

Today was the first day of finals. I arranged for my 2 sections of 2nd year students to give oral presentations today. I reserved a projector and laptop for our classroom. During the 3rd powerpoint presentation, the electricity went out. We opened up the windows. One brave student volunteered to give her presentation without powerpoint. The fire alarm went off twice during her presentation. The electricity never came back on. We rescheduled the other presentations for later in the afternoon. We locked the doors when we left the room because the IT guys told us multiple times to lock the door when we left the room to protect the laptop and projector. I don’t have a key for the room, but one of the IT guys promised to come back at 1:00 to unlock the door for us. At 1:00, the electricity was back on but the IT guy who was planning to unlock the classroom door was long gone. We couldn’t find him anywhere. No one else in the building had a key to the room, so we had to find another room. I got a call from Daniel after the presentations. We had left the air conditioner turned on in the locked classroom by mistake and it was dripping water all over the floor. Someone had to remove the glass from the window above the door and crawl inside. The IT guy who was supposed to unlock the door never came back. I suspect he left the building when he realized that there was no key to the door.

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