Last Day of Class

I taught my last classes of the semester today. It feels strange to finish the semester in September! The semester isn’t officially over. Students will be taking finals for the next 3 weeks. I planned all of my finals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week because Dave is coming at 1:50 am on Friday!

I could have been writing this post from a luxury resort in Loei, but I’m not. On Wednesday one of the office workers told me that I had to go to Loei on Friday for a meeting. Every year, all of the faculty members go to Loei to plan for the coming year. They told me that I wouldn’t have to go to the meetings because they would be in Thai, but that I had to go relax and swim in the pool. The resort looked great, but I couldn’t justify cancelling my Friday classes and leaving right before my students’ final projects were due. I thought it was strange that I first heard about this mandatory trip 2 days before we were scheduled to leave. That’s not unusual in Thailand, though. It’s starting to rub off on me. Dave will be here in 6 days, and I didn’t actually book our Bangkok hotel or buy our plane tickets until yesterday. I had been thinking about it for weeks. I almost always came home from work and thought “I should make reservations for Bangkok”. And then I would think “Nah..I’ll do it tomorrow”. It worked out fine, though! Since no one else here makes reservations in advance, I had no trouble getting the flights and hotel we wanted.

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