Airport Madness

I turned on the TV tonight and caught the tail-end of a CNN report on the new airport in Bangkok. The airport has been under construction for some time. The opening has been delayed many times, but it is scheduled to open on September 28th. After seeing the CNN footage, I will be amazed if it is finished anytime soon. The prime minister insists that it will be up and running on September 28th and that the airport will win the “airport of the year” prize next year.

Dave will arrive in Thailand one week from today, so he will get to experience both airports (assuming that the new one opens on time). I feel nervous about our flight to Phuket because I don’t know which airport we’ll leave from. I’m also worried that I’ll take Dave to the wrong airport for his flight back to Arizona and the plane will leave without him. Though I guess it wouldn’t be SO bad if he had to stay a little longer! 😀

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