The Latest Bar News

You’re probably sick of hearing about the bars across the street. My students are sick of it too because I often write sentences about the bars to demonstrate various grammatical structures. Actually, I don’t think they’re really sick of it because they still laugh.

Anyway, it turns out that one of my students is a regular at “The Playground”, which is the name of the 1st bar the opened across the street. I told her that it has been quiet lately, and she filled me in on all the bar news. Last Friday the police raided the bar. They told the owners that the music was too loud and then they found a bunch of underage drinkers there. The bar has been quiet ever since. My student also told me that the nightclub I’ve heard rumors about has already opened. It’s the second bar!

I had dinner with some other students tonight. I told them the good news about the bar situation, and they told me that the bar would probably only be quiet until they saved up enough money to pay off the police. So I don’t know how long I’ll have these peaceful evenings, but I’m enjoying them!

And hopefully this will be the last post you read about the bars across the street.

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